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I know how you're feeling

You're a go-getter who LOVES to get a good sweat in. You have a million things on the go from work, to friends, to family, to trying to keep up a self-care practice of your own. You're burnt out. Your adrenal glands are flat (Hey #AdrenalFatigue). You haven't had a solid sleep in who knows how long. You want energy, vitality and to wake up feeling refreshed. You wonder how those people can just bounce out of bed and would love to know that feeling. 

You're over nagging injuries and wanting to claw your eyes out come the spring time because of seasonal allergies. You walk around in a big of a brain fog and headaches can take you down. You have a family history of chronic conditions and are self-aware that what we eat, think and do can make or break our ability to live a full life. You've tried every labelled diet under the sun and it feels good for awhile until it doesn't. You are confused as hell about what to eat because of the conflicting information that gets thrown at you constantly. 

You know you deserve to feel better, so you're not reaching for that 3rd cup of coffee, wanting to take a nap at your desk at 3pm and this time you really want to soar through that next workout.

Good news, I can help you & here's how

Nutrition services

One on one sessions are available where we can work together on your health. I focus on not only nutritional factors but lifestyle as well. 



Weekly I host free Facebook Live health sessions and various workshops online and in person.



Did you know that I also offer consultations in conjunction with a good sweat session? Movement enhances our health and I'm big on doing the health journey with you. 
Retreats are coming soon.


The health trifecta

In my experience both personally and in my practice, I have found that the ideal trifecta for great health is Movement, Mindset & Nutrition. When working with people I ensure you leave our consultations with recommendations that touch on each of the following. Everything you do from the food you eat, the way you think and how you move affects your health so we want to focus on improving every aspect.



Our body needs to move; it's how we build our immunity and move our lymphatic system so that we can detoxify and reduce our toxic load. Movement also increases our happy hormones that keeps us motivated, positive and strong. 



We make healthy eating so damn complicated. Do we eat this but not that? Is butter bad? Should we be eating beef? Is being plant-based the best way? 

Honestly? Scrap all of that. We are all different, with different needs based on our age, lifestyle, genetics, past and current health issues and activity level. There is no one right way to eat and I'd be skeptical of anyone who tells you otherwise. 



How we think has a huge impact on our health and it can build us up or tear us down depending on our thoughts. Have you ever noticed that when you're in a positive mindset that things just seem to flow? What about the people where life just seems easy? It's all about mindset. I work with patients to punch through the mental blocks, gain control of their mind and think with a growth mindset for better all around health.